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ZoxSo : Board Game

Board Games > Strategy
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Welcome to ZoxSo, The New Ancient Game.

ZoxSo is: "... a traditional-style, abstract strategy game of fierce placement and clash of forces for two players, ages 10 to 99."

ZoxSo is a game played on a board comprised of two separate dimensions (or grids) simultaneously: One of "Pearls" and one of "Stones." In Phase One (the placement phase), the players take turns placing their pieces on the board, onto any unoccupied Pearl outside "The Wall." Each player aggressively carves out his/her own position while at the same time cutting across their opponent's position and plans.

Once all the pieces are on the board, Phase Two begins (the rush to the Throne). In this phase the players alternately: Move or capture with a piece on the Pearls or the Stones; or they may instead "flip" a piece onto an adjacent, unoccupied Stone or Pearl and move or capture with that piece if they so choose; all with the ultimate goal of either capturing the opponent's Xing (emperor) or moving his/her own Xing onto the Golden Throne in the center of the board.

"ZoxSo is positively compelling: Whether you're a beginner, a battle-hardened game player or just about anyone in between, ZoxSo calls you to action with its fast-paced mix of creative strategies and explosive tactics. Capture the Throne!"

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