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Zombie World Structure Deck : Yu-Gi-Oh!

Collectable Card Games > Yu-Gi-Oh

Please note: This product is now out of print and no longer available.

Be prepared for the ultimate scare with the all new Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck, Zombie World! Introducing brand new cards and some highly desirable reprints, the all new Structure Deck allows Duelist to create an indestructible Zombie army by turning ALL monsters into Zombies. This 40-card deck is enjoyable for the intermediate player and creates many new possibilities for the tournament level players by allowing them to fit any monster into a Zombie deck.

This deck also contains a new rulebook, playmat and a Dueling Guide that explains some of the exciting new strategies to use as well as relevant cards from recently released products to help build an unbeatable deck! Create an outbreak of Zombies with Zombie World!

this is an extremely good deck for the reason that its very good when u put it out of the pack with out any aditional plus cards or anything else i recomended for the new players and not only the more skillfull may find it really good so i give it a 7.5 because sometimes the cobos do not work properly finding u all alone in a field against the hordes of your oponents monsters so if u decide to buy a structure deck choose this one not only for the cool theme ZOMBIES but for its power and its style:)
Rating: 7.5
Reviewed by: vangelis
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