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The award-winning abstract placement game from internationally renowned game designer Reiner Knizia is back in a brand new travel-sized edition.

This is a scaled down, 2-player only version of a Knizia classic: Ingenious. Players draw tiles from a bag and take turns to place them on a board to create lines of matching symbols - the longer the line, the more points scored. The points for each symbol are kept track of separately and, at the end of the game (when the board is full), each player's score is the number of points in the symbol for which they recorded the fewest. It is therefore important to score well across all symbols rather than focusing on a few.

The game is delightfully simple to learn, but there are plenty of interesting decisions since you only need to be cut off from scoring highly in one symbol to ruin your chances of winning the game. The bits are high quality (plastic board with plastic tiles and scoring pegs) and the board has functional built-in scoreboards and tile racks, but there is a niggling problem with this "travel" edition; there's no case/cover (aside from the cardboard box it comes in). As a result, it's not something that you can just throw in with your luggage without having to worry about damage or losing pieces. Other than that, it's a great "mini" version of a great game.
Rating: 6.5
Reviewed by: XRD
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