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Tank On Tank

Board Games > War
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"June 6, 1944.

The Allies land in Normandy to liberate France from German rule. The liberation however, won’t be an easy road. From D-Day at Omaha Beach, through the battle for Normandy, the Allies will fight the Germans tooth and nail, bayonet and rifle, tank on tank."

Tank on Tank is a new Peter Bogdasarian design. A smaller game that can be learned in less than five minutes and played during a lunch break, Tank on Tank depicts tactical ground combat in Europe in the latter years of World War II.

• The scale? It doesn’t really matter in Tank on Tank, let’s just call it tactical.

• The units? Tank on Tank includes Shermans, Wolverines, Priests, Tigers, Mark IVs, as well as the infantry and anti-tank guns that fought alongside them.

• If you’ve been looking for a simple game to scratch that tactical itch, or something to introduce a young tactician to war gaming, Tank on Tank might be the answer.

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