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Talisman Revised 4th Edition : 2014 Reprint

Board Games > Fantasy
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Talisman takes you on a journey through magical lands, as you endeavour to reclaim the Crown of Command. Each turn will see your hero advancing, battling, gaining knowledge and power necessary to defeat the guardians lurking between the Portal of Power and the Valley of Fire. This new revised version adds 14 highly detailed plastic figures (toads included), a revision of the rules, and upgraded components. Players 2-6, Ages 12+

Well got my copy just for the new year and have been awaiting this new release for may years, I am the proud owner of a second edition set and have been a fan of the game for many years. I will not mention about the third edition as I firmly beleive that that version was broken and did not have the charm of the second one, perhaps that was becasue they remmoved the middle region which was one of the best parts of the game.

I will be doing my review comparing the second edition to the new one

The board is a lot bigger the cards are a nice size and the artwork is fantastic in all aspects, having figuries instead of card standups is a lot nicer and I am considering getting them painted. Nothign has changed on the board instead for a few minor things but nothing that will ruin the game, infact maybe enhance it a little.

Some of the characters have had thier abilities changed to make them more balanced and the including of fate points now can add to a last ditch situation where you have a final chance if the next roll of the dice will put you out of the game.

The rules have been simply revised and very little changed any that have adds more balance and longativity to the game

For anyone who not played the game , its a simple game to play and the learning of the game is simple you will be playing the game within 15 mins, a great game to play with your mates, they say each game lasts about a hour and a half but truly great games of talisman lasts for hours

Why not give it a 10, well that is simple as talisman was great on its own but what made it truly great was the expansions and with this being a new genration of Talisman I am keeping a open mind as the expansions come out but as long as they keep to the spirit of the original which this release clearly has I will a more than satisfied and returning customer to the franchise, bring on the reaper :D
Rating: 9.0
Reviewed by: hyeperionx

Talisman is a cult classic board game with a fantasy theme. There are 14 characters a player can control, from the heroic Warrior to the powerful Sorcerer. In this perilous adventure, play centers around the journey of these gallant heroes to find and claim the Crown of Command, a magical artifact with the power to destroy all rivals and make the bearer the true ruler of the kingdom. Only with strength, courage, wisdom and a few good dice rolls will players be able to survive the ultimate test and beat their opponents to victory. The Reaper expansion offers Talisman Revised 4th Edition players 4 new character cards and plastic figures, 90 new Adventure Cards, 26 new Spell Cards, 12 Warlock Quest Cards, and the Grim Reaper, a dark figure that players manipulate against each other. The race to the Crown of Command has never been deadlier!
Rating: 10.0
Reviewed by: Dimitreas Chris

It’s back! After last year’s false start, Fantasy Flight have taken over and given this golden oldie a makeover. For those of you under the age of thirty Talisman was one of the best adventure board games released in the eighties. Starting with a random character from a selection of fourteen, each represented by a luxurious miniature, you set of on a quest to reclaim the legendary Crown of Command from its hiding place in the Plain of Peril. Naturally the other players want to get there first, so it’s a race against time. A roll of the die sets you on the path and there are plenty of locations to choose from, most require you to draw an Adventure card from the deck of 104. The cards range from bags of gold, evil creatures, items or events you encounter in your quest. Creatures you fight can be a blessing as well as a curse, if you beat them you can collect the card as a trophy and trade it for an increase in Strength of Craft, otherwise you loose a life. When all lives are gone you have to restart with a different character, unless someone has reached the Crown of Command.
Character stats include: Strength-a measure of your physical combat powers, Craft a measure of intelligence-which is a measure of both your psychic combat powers and you ability to cast spells, Fate-the amount of re-rolls you get, Gold and Lives. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities that effect the way they play the game, adding the variety.
The board itself is a treacherous affair, consisting of three different regions. The outer region, where all the players start the game is pretty tame, with few hardships and plenty of locations to stock up on equipment, spells and lives. The middle region is very dangerous, many of the spaces cause adventurers to loose lives, negate magical equipment or suffer in an unpleasant manner. Needless to say players should spend a lot of time increasing their strength before moving inwards. Finally, the inner region is the testing ground, where all the training and items acquired in the game come into play, for at its centre lies your goal-The Crown of Command. The Talisman the game is named for is needed to cross the Valley of fire and claim the crown. Once the Crown is in your grasp it must be used to kill the other players or force them to surrender!
The changes Fantasy Flight have made to the game are definitely for the better. Gone are the stand up card characters, which are replaced by good quality, well rendered plastic figures. The new Fate counters go some way to assuaging the randomness, allowing you to re-roll terrible dice. Changes to the board are more than welcome, gone are the worthless desert spaces, this time you get a card on top of you life loss. Also Craft based monsters can be used as trophies, removing the need for Craft based characters to trawl between the Mystic and Enchantress for advancement. Given Fantasy Flight track record, expansions should be on the way, adding more scope and replayability to this already great game.
Talisman is definitely an entry level game and is great for getting younger players into the hobby. More serious gamers may find the randomness and character balance a bit off putting, but the game is meant to be card drawing, die rolling fun.
Roll and move games may not be for everyone and the deck of adventure cards can be exhausted quickly, if you have a lot of players, which increases the playtime of the game and litters the board with cards.
Overall I would highly recommend Talisman to new gamers and those that don’t mind exchanging serious tactics for die rolling fun.
Rating: 7.0
Reviewed by: Dangervacuum

This is possibly the greatest board game of all times. The one board game to rule them all! It features a wide range of characters, and three stages of the board, in which players progess inwards when they complete certain requirements. It is an infinitely fun game that requires stamina! Dying in the game simply means getting a new character and having new abilities and joining the race once more! It features hours of geekiness and exciting battles between players for gold, weapons, and the talisman itself to unlock the portal. The wide range of characters includes the ninja, the pirate, the zulu, and many others from the range of fantasy.
Rating: 10.0
Reviewed by: somuchforthis

Me and my game group love Talisman Revised 4th Edition. Talisman revised 4th edition is one of those games that you really just don't mind playing once, twice or more times after another because of the random play (no one game feels the same trust me you could play for an hour for the first game and four the next lol) and it's characters and the quirky individual abilities they bring and because you draw them at random it's rare that you pull the same character every game so cuts out people squabbling over the their favorites. Talisman Revised 4th Edition also has a quick, easy to understand and fluid turn of play so you don't sit there for ages waiting for another player to finish their turn (which appeases us less patient players). The turn is simple roll to move, move to the space, do what it says on the space and deal with it and finish up your go. BUT!! don't be fooled by it's simplicity because there are plenty of things waiting to bite you in the butt and light tactic and plenty of lucky dice rolls needed to get the the infamous Crown of Command. There is a reason why Talisman is on it's 4th edition and there is a reason why it has stood the test of time and thats because it's hands down AWESOME!! and a pleasure to play :)
Rating: 10.0
Reviewed by: SpiderDan85

Im kinda new to the fantasy board game genra. Started playing Talisman bout a year ago with some friends. We started with 2nd edition witch is very,fun,and can be quite exciting at times.The game as well as the 4th edition were very easy to learn to play . id say learned them within 15 to 20 mins. Even my 5 year old can grasp the concept. It is now one of the most played board games at my home and when the guys get together. We got he 4th edition about 4 months ago id say and we all pitched in and bought an expansion for christmas. Will say complete set was kind of expensive but well worth the money.the game board is nicer and bigger than the 2nd edition the cards are nicer looking. New spells characters and the little plastic figures are nice but metal would have been nicer and a little more simple to paint. The plastic is better than cards though by far. We will find away to paint them anyway. the expansions are awsome but with all 3 expansions. the game can last for 4 to 6 hours depending on how everyone feels. The reaper expansion is good but did not add as much as we thought it would,(However the reaper mini is really cool) but getting to kill your friends out of the game is great.The Frostmarch expansion seamed to take a little out of the game or should I say, makes it end to quickly lol. So house rule you kill the Frostqueen or do the Worlocks quest. then start killing your friends off as usual. The dungeon expansion is the best i think. The expansion adds another part to the board. Better cards, tougher fights. With the expansions, You get more characters,adventure cards,spells,and quests. So id suggest getting the base game try it out. Then get the expansions one at a time they are great for family or for friends.
Rating: 10.0
Reviewed by: Reaper69
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