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Spellcasters Command Structure Deck : Yu-Gi-Oh!

Collectable Card Games > Yu-Gi-Oh

Please note: This product is now out of print and no longer available.

This ready-to-play deck gives players a great starting point using one of the most famous YuGiOh! monster types. Your Spellcaster monsters become stronger as players use their Spell Cards. Spellcaster’s Command is a 40-card ready-to-play structure deck. It contains a fixed deck of 1 Ultra Rare and 39 commons. There are 6 new cards and reprints of previously hard-to-find rares such as “Dark Red Enchanter” and “Magical Exemplar”.

A really unusual structure deck that lets even the novice dueller have a chance and also use a highly entertaining style revolving around the previously neglected side-strategy of spell counters.

A perfect blend of basic, staple cards for beginners (including Breaker the Magical Warrior, Book of Moon, Magic Cylinder and Summoner Monk) and previously hard to get cards for the more experienced players, such as Crystal Seer, Dark Red Enchanter, Magical Exemplar and Magicians Unite, this deck can have very diverse uses.

As with many structure decks, if you wish to pursue the main theme then it’s well worth buying three of the deck, as that will put you in a very good position to make a solid spellcaster deck; plus you’ll have plenty of spares to swap for other good stuff!
Rating: 7.8
Reviewed by: randomjanitor
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