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Space Alert (2013 Reprint)

Board Games > Strategy
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Keep your ship alive against unknown dangers as you chart new space sectors. A real-time cooperative game with a tensionbuilding audio-CD-based mechanic.
  • Players 2–5
  • Ages 12+

I have to say that I was very unsure about the game at first. The description sounded more than strange and after reading through the manuals (there are two of them) I was even more convinced that this would never work out. After all I still bought the game, in the end only because it was designed by Vlaada Chvatil whose game "Galaxy Trucker" is one of the all time favorites in our group. And what can I say... Vlaada did it again... Space Alert has made it right next to Galaxy Trucker in the hitlist.
About the Mechanics: The game is different than anything else I have seen so far. It's the only fully cooperative game that you never could play alone. The constant time preassure, the many details that have you loose track more quickly than you can imagine and the great diversity of the missions makes this a really cool game. And all this combined with really cool, and incredibly simple rules. We only needed two rounds to figure everything out and get used to it.
Negative things: The number of missions is limited. With the other missions you can download at CSG this is a minor limit, but still... Also the fact that this game can only be played smoothly with a CD player around is a bit annoying for our non-tech game group.
Everything considered I can only bow before Vlaada Chvatil for that game. I love it
Rating: 8.9
Reviewed by: RickDangerous

Space Alert is not just a very good game, it offers something different from most. I'm not usually a fan of time limits. I tend to find they stress me out and I like to think clearly to enjoy a game. But the dynamic of Space Alert somehow switches this problem around. The "puzzles" in the game are simple enough that, with no time limit, everybody would perform effortlessly in each mission. The time limit therefore *is* the game. The challenge is all about being able to make the right moves fast enough to get them all done in time.

One effect of this is that players need to train themselves over time. Your first five games (each one lasts about 20 minutes) will be very incompetent. You will need to spend time playing the game repeatedly and climbing the game's learning curve. That also means you need to play repeatedly with the same people, as otherwise you will be forced to endlessly replay the training missions.

But if you can find some people to stick with the game, you will find that it offers a uniquely exciting team experience. You really learn and grow as a team on this. The game is designed such that, to be effective, people do have to work together and coordinate. You cannot just break up the jobs and do them separately. So you get a strong "team" feeling that is unusual amongst board games.

That, plus the genuine excitement and thrill of the the fast paced hectic challenges, makes this a great game.
Rating: 9.0
Reviewed by: Likeless
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