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Shards of Alara Booster - 3 packs : MTG

Collectable Card Games > Magic the Gathering

Please note: This product is now out of print and no longer available.

Shards of Alara is the first set in the Shards of Alara block, and is a return to the traditional fantasy setting of classic Magic. Booster packs and Tournament packs now contain land, commons, uncommons, and rares, with approximately one out of every 8 rares replaced with a new Mythic Rare card. There are 15 Mythic Rare cards in Shards of Alara.

Intro Packs will be released for the first time with Shards of Alara and are the perfect way to introduce new players to Magic: the Gathering. Each Intro Pack contains a ready-to-play 41 card deck, 1 Shards of Alara Booster Pack, a Shards of Alara strategy insert, and a Magic: the Gathering rules insert for new players.

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