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Of Gods and Monsters : Castles & Crusades

Roleplaying Games > Castles & Crusades
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Of Gods & Monsters explores over 16 pantheons including Norse, Greek, Roman, American Indian, Aihrdian, Inzaen, demihuman pantheons and more. It also includes hosts of new spells for Clerics, Druids, Paladins, and Bards. Written by Jim “Drawmij” Ward.

This new softback book, the latest for Castles and Crusades 4th printing, presents the 'dieties and demigods' as they would have been formerly known in old 1st ed AD&D.

Aside from the obvious inclusions of Norse, American Indian and Greek etc., I found the most useful sections to be Aihrdean (the C&C campaign world) and Elf / dwarf. There are some real plot hooks in the elf/dwarf sections not to be missed. Especially so for the elves, who, unless you inject some sort of character into their background remain wasted in any campaign. The Elven goddess of the moon is worshipped by assassins for instance and the evil goddess of unmaking is full of character and ideas for gms. Elf dieties mate to produce elven civilisations etc. It's all quite nicely done and the book has some nice art in the C&C style (i.e. quaint 80s and none of this modern colour stuff).
Rating: 7.0
Reviewed by: darz
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