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Morningtide Fat Pack : MTG

Collectable Card Games > Magic the Gathering
RRP: £24.99
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The second set of the Lorwyn Cycle, named Morningtide, will continue Lorwyn’s tribal-set themes, but this time with a “class” twist. Morningtide will focus on warriors, wizards, soldiers, shamans, rogues, and more. The Lorwyn block features the introduction of the one large set and a smaller expansion instead of the traditional large-small-small set breakdown. So this upcoming Magic “year” get ready for four sets in TWO blocks!

Every fat pack has something you know, and something you don't. The best thing is, both the known and the unknown are simply great!

For the known part, two nice card boxes, a novel, a life counter, the guide for the morningtide expansion and six boosters. There is also a pro-tour player card, which is most useless, but who knows, if you are a great player your face could be there someday!

And for the unknown part, the booster cards contents. For a lot of people, this is the best part with sealed products: opening boosters and hope they will include a great rare card, a foil card or even better, a rare foil.
Rating: 10.0
Reviewed by: gersius
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