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Mmm Brains (Reiner Knizia)

Board Games > Family
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In Mmm...Brains! you and your zombie friends roll the dice and rush to collect as many brains as possible. After all the brains are gone, roll the dice and force your opponents to drop their precious brains. Be the last with any brains and win the game! A game by Reiner Knizia.

  • Players 3-5
  • Ages 6+

This game has many plus points for children and alcohol addled adults. Roll dice and depending on the combination grab 'brains' (very tactile small plastic brains) from the centre of the table until they have all gone. Then continue rolling and target other players' piles of brains until only one player has brains, the winner. Simple and great fun.
Rating: 7.5
Reviewed by: Paul Thompson
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