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Messantia - City of Riches (Not Mint)

Roleplaying Games > Conan

Please note: This product is now out of print and no longer available.

Please note this is a 'not mint' product which typically have imperfections but are otherwise complete and usually shrinkwrapped, click here for more info.

Messantia – City of Riches is the second Cities box set for Conan the Roleplaying Game, following the same pattern as the hugely anticipated Shadizar – City of the Wicked. Situated on the southern coast of Argos, Messantia is a cosmopolitan trading city where business is king and any deal can be done if the price is right.

This detailed box set not only includes three detailed source books, a beautifully rendered poster size map as well as a selection of other location maps. Messantia is a sea port where anything can happen and many adventures begin their stories in its winding streets and broad quaysides.

Box Set.

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