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Frostmarch (The) : Talisman Expansion

Board Games > Fantasy
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The chill is enough to freeze your blood!

In the distance a frozen continent of ice dominates the expansive horizon. It is the Frostmarch, brought here across the northern waters by the Ice Queen. Armed with the fabled Crown of Command, she is transforming the realm into a desolate, frozen wasteland. Arrayed before her are adventurers of all shapes and sizes.

The Frostmarch expansion offers players 4 new character cards and plastic figures, 84 Adventure Cards, 20 Spell Cards, 24 Warlock Quest Cards, and 3 Alternative Ending Cards – including a final climactic battle with the Ice Queen!

Upon purchasing this item our first initial thoughts were how small the box is. It measures roughly six inches by four inches, similar to the Reaper expansion. Upon opening the box I took out the contents and began reading through the instructions. The instructions are an A4 page, with information on the front and back, and explain how the contents change the game of Talisman and which I may add is optional. All the contents should fit into your Talisman box no problem.

The first thing we noticed was the four additional characters which are a Leprechaun, Ogre chieftain, Necromancer and a Warlock. The figures are extremely well detailed. The one thing we did notice was that the Necromancer and Warlock figures were a tiny bit smaller compared to the other characters from the Talisman game.

The next thing we examined were the three alternative endings including the Ice queen herself. After a few games we all thought they were good and added that extra unpredictability to the game as we never turned over the ending until an adventurer arrived on the Crown of command. We intend on using these from now on although we would love Fantasy Flight to release an Ice queen figure. We are hoping that Fantasy Flight create more alternative endings in future expansions.

Another addition we find in the expansion are the 24 Warlocks quest cards. We thought that this made the game much better and gave us another thing to think about while travelling around the board.

The expansion also comes with more adventure and spell cards which adds more variety in the game and is a good thing. You can’t beat more adventure and spell cards which includes quite a few winter themed cards to match our Ice queen (get ready for a blizzard folks).

When playing the game we have found that more gold seems to flow in the fantasy world of Talisman (hoping a market expansion arrives next) and toading was much more common. In several games we played, at least one person was turned into a toad which we thought was a good thing overall as in the past toading was quite rare.

All in all I think this is a great expansion and with all the optional rules, you find you can add one or more of the rules depending how your group feels on the night. I would give it a good 8.5 out of 10.
Rating: 8.5
Reviewed by: meggypeggs

Talisman: Frostmarch Expansion
Frostmarch adds four new characters to the battle for the Crown of command. First amongst these is the bestial Ogre Chieftain. This five Strength killer has the dominate ability, which allows him to dominate any monster he defeats in battle instead of taking it as a trophy. He can use as many dominated monsters as he wants to add to his strength in battle – this makes taking on the other characters or even the boss of the dungeon that much easier!!
The Warlock leaves his cave and joins the search for the Crown. Starting out with a massive five Craft and two Spells, the Warlock gains his full complement of spells at the start of each turn, he may also use any completed Warlock Quest to gain an item from the purchase deck. Definitely one of the best Craft based characters in the game.
Not quite up to the Warlock’s high standard, the Necromancer is the third new face. In addition to starting the game with two Spells, he has the ability to enthral spirits. This is similar to the Ogres Chieftain’s dominate. If he doesn’t attack a spirit and has a higher Craft he can enthral it, adding its Craft to his own for one psychic combat.
Lastly for some reason the poncy Leprechaun is included. While being ridiculously attired and woefully stereotyped, this lucky little fella gains three Gold each time he lands on a woods space. He can also teleport to any space in his region if he rolls a six for movement. Not a bad character to have as long as you don’t mind the other players laughing at you….

Going with the ice based theme are 84 new adventure cards. Snow Goblins, Chill Wraiths, Yetis and the Howl of the Wendigo all depicted with great art make up just a few of the Ice Queen’s minions. There are also 20 new spell cards adding yet more variety to the deck.
The 24 new Warlocks Quest Cards replace the roll a die and get a Quest from the Warlocks cave. You can draw one at random or choose which you want to complete for a Talisman.

Finally the fantastic Alternate Ending cards make a welcome return to this edition. No longer are you guaranteed to find the Crown of Command sitting neatly atop its velvet cushion for you to purloin. Instead you may be faced with the dreaded Ice Queen! A 12 Strength, 12 Craft, four Life adversary. Defeating her removes a life, but then she must be immediately attacked again, until she runs out of Lives or the player is defeated, in which case they get a chance of being frozen for a few turns. Naturally defeating the old witch wins you the game.
The second Alternate Ending card is the Crown and Sceptre, the presence of the Sceptre eliminates the need to roll a die to cast the Command Spell, it succeeds automatically, making for a shorter end game.
The Last of the alternate endings is the Warlocks Quest. At the start of the game each player receives four random Warlock Quest cards. During the game, when these are completed, they are not discarded or traded for a Talisman but instead are turned face down. On completing the fourth quest a Talisman is awarded as normal. Any player that reaches the Crown of Command space with four completed quests wins the game.

The new characters are pretty powerful; the Warlock’s massive Craft and Spell advantage give him a huge early game boost. The Ogre Chieftain and the Necromancer can become the bane of player VS player combat once they get a few minions enthralled or dominated, they can also make short work of the Dungeon Keeper if playing with the Dungeon map, virtually guaranteeing a trip to the Crown of Command.
The new Adventure Cards are very thematic and have some seriously good artwork, though the Adventure Deck is now getting a bit hard to shuffle or stack, particularly if you have the other Talisman expansions.
The Warlocks Quest maker a fine addition, adding more variety and more interesting missions to complete.
Alternative Endings Cards are great but there are too few of them. They are meant to be played either hidden or revealed. As the Warlocks Quest ending can only be played revealed this does limit them somewhat.
Overall this is another worthy Talisman Expansion and fighting the Ice Queen is definitely snow joke…..

Rating: 7.5
Reviewed by: Dangervacuum
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