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Babylon 5 Starter Set & Campaign: B5 A Call to Arms

Miniatures > Babylon 5 A Call to Arms

Please note: This product is now out of print and no longer available.

The Call to Arms Starter Set provides everything you need to begin playing and offers an ideal introduction to the award-winning A Call to Arms, the game of spaceship combat in the universe of Babylon 5. The Starter Set focuses on the War of Retribution, a bloody era from the Babylon 5 universe’s history of the Narn/Centauri conflict, covering the basic rules of the game in an easy-tolearn format. A number of scenarios are also included, each of which recreates a battle from the Narn/Centauri war – an ideal setting for your first few games of A Call to Arms. The book includes full rules for the ships which took part in this conflict, along with counters to represent them on the tabletop so you can begin playing immediately.

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