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AIRCO DH4 American Expedit : Wings of War Miniatures Series 2

Miniatures > Wings of Glory
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Wings of War Miniatures take your Wings of War game into three dimensions! Each pre-painted plastic model depicts a unique, historical warplane from the Wings of War game, complete with manoeuvre deck and variable-altitude stand.

Each Wings of War Miniatures pack includes:

  • One pre-painted pewter-and-plastic model in 1/144 scale.
  • Four clear plastic altitude pegs. One clear plastic gaming base, with stats, fire arc, and movement markers.
  • One deck of manoeuvre cards, specific to the model of plane.

Wings of War Miniatures packs are not a complete game. You will need rules, rulers, damage decks, and tokens from the base Wings of War games in order to play.

This is one top plane! Both it's front and rear attack guns are rank A and so it's the best bomber in the series and one of the best bombers around. With 15 health points and its excellent ability to attack it really is a great plane to stick with if you want to win.

It is also painted very nicely with the right transfers and colours to match with the rest of the series. The colour quality really is very good.

One problem with it though is its ability to turn during the game, its mobility skill is rank M and so you just don't get any sharp turns in your deck like the spud which is unfortunate.

Overall, if you want a good plane that's gonna last and really does the job, get this one! When I used it against my friends, they were in for a nasty supprise ;)
Rating: 9.5
Reviewed by: JoBrittain
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