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Age Of Mythology: Board Game

Board Games > Strategy

Please note: This product is now out of print and no longer available.

This is a miniatures-driven boardgame that includes hundreds of stunning sculpted pieces, a giant hand illustrated gameboard and different levels of difficulty. Players control armies made up of warriors, priests, heroes, and mythical creatures from ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. Battles are resolved with a unique dice and card system that keeps the action moving.

Features include:
* 300 professionally sculpted plastic playing pieces
* 150 Wooden resource cubes
* 216 beautifully illustrated playing cards
* 3 distinct cultures, each with their own miniatures, cards and gameboard
* 2 to 4 players (expandable to 8)

Clarity of Rules:9.0
Game Length:9.2

Age of Mythology comes highly recommended for players wanting to make a small leap from lighter fare into deeper games, as the level of complexity is pitched at just the right level to be understood and appreciated even by novice gamers, but it is also deep and involving enough even for those who are more experienced. A quality game that, despite not really having the feel of an RTS, definitely feels like an excellent board game - and fortunately it isn't a game that is hugely dependent on combat, so the potentially devastating effect of the cumbersome combat system doesn't hurt it too much.

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